I have just been involved in a discussion about the relative merits of Excel vs. Mathcad for engineers. Mathcad set out 5 advantages over Excel and I am afraid I contest them all. Excel is not the accountant’s tool Mathcad would have you believe – it is simply the most effective way for engineers to produce and distribute mathematical information.

Advantage over Excel Clamed by Mathcad  Counter claim showing that Excel is a better for engineers than Mathcad.
No.pngClarity of notation (readability)  XLC produces mathematical equations automatically from cell formulas.
No.pngClarity of dependencies (verification)  Again XLC covers this one and what's better than Excel's formula auditing tools with its ability to trace precedents and trace dependents.
No.pngUnit analysis (error checking)  This is generally trivial and easily handled by our XLC template.
No.pngBreadth of calculation tools (completeness)  I have yet to find problem that Excel cannot readily solve. There is an abundance of add-ins for additional mathematical functions and a myriad solved problems that can be downloaded as Excel files from the ExcelCalcs Repository.
No.pngEngineering-appropriate graphs, image analysis, matrix analysis, and data support  Excel charts are highly customisable and easy to use. Excel makes a fine job of matrix algebra and with regard to data support what's better than Excel?
Excel is for engineers

The main reason to use Excel is that everyone has it already so you can send it to anyone and it will be familiar and easily understood. Excel is the common currency for mathematical data for engineers. So if you are thinking about buying or upgrading Mathcad save yourself some money and sign up at www.ExcelCalcs.com where our XLC software will bring Mathcad functionality to the world’s favourite maths software, namely Excel.

ExcelCalcs Service Levels

  1. ExcelCalcs subscriptions: - Engineers can become more productive with a $90 XLC Pro subscription.
  2. ExcelCalcs Training: - Engineering is not easy but we can help make it easy by undertaking one of our training courses.
  3. ExcelCalcs Consultancy: - Going beyond Excel we offer finite element analysis using ANSYS and strain gauge testing services. We provide an efficient and cost effective service to develop your designs and assess equipment under extreme conditions. Review our case studies.

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Repository News

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2011 Jul. 28 This file is located in the Fatigue folder. New!Juvinall's Fatigue Life Method.xls by JohnDoyle.
2011 Jul. 28 This file is located in the Structural Details folder. New!AISC-LRFD HSS BRACING PUNCH PLATE CONNECTION by boobathi.
2011 Jul. 28 This file is located in the Beams folder. UpdateMONORAIL.xls by ATomanovich. File version 2.0 view full version history.
2011 Jul. 26 This file is located in the Coordinates folder. New!Line intersecting circle.xls by JohnDoyle.
2011 Jul. 25 This file is located in the Geotechnics folder. UpdateBored Piles For The Analysis of Layered Soil.xlsx by BABACAN. File version 1.3 view full version history.
2011 Jul. 21 This file is located in the Finite Element folder. UpdateExcelFEM xlsb version (for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010) by BABACAN. File version 1.1 view full version history.