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I literally use this every day at work for sizing bolts. User inputs the bolt size and thread from a dropdown list filled with McMaster Carr's hex head bolt and thread sizes. Next choose the bolt material type from a dropdown box with several steel and titanium grade choices. The strength of the bolt is autofilled from the material type. Last, the internal thread material is chosen from a dropdown with a list of steel, titanium, auqamet and garolite choices. The strength is once again filled in automatically and the joint failure strength is calculated.

Calculation Reference
Bolted Connections
Thread Mechanics
Torque Tension Mechanics

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08 Sep 2014
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08 Sep 2014
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Comments: 5
yosso 6 years ago
Very helpful workbook. All equations laid out nicely.
sonicboomman2008 9 years ago
Thanks Trey. I'm looking forward to putting it to use.
sonicboomman2008 9 years ago
You certainly can add materials. I hid the sheet in an effort to reduce clutter, so if you right-click on any tab then unhide a sheet named "internal materials" you can add as many materials as you like. You can also do this same method for external thread materials and bolt sizes. Adding the material to the top of the list would be the easiest method since it will not require updating the saved list. If you do add the material to the bottom of the list and it does not show up automatically in your drop-down list then go to the "name manager" and adjust the list named "internalnames" to include the materials you are trying to add. If you still have any problems let me know and I will try to help find a solution ASAP.
sonicboomman2008 9 years ago
The choices for internal thread....I don't seem to be able to find any carbon steel choices.
Is this something I can expand on?
If so, where do I find the lookup table?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
Thanks for your contribution I have awarded a 3 month extension to your XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. [Admin]