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PURPOSE: Analysis of cable sag with supports at the same vertical level. For spans of the order of 300 meters and less, the sag and tension calculation can be carried out by parabolic formula with sufficient degree of accuracy. For the case of very long spans, catenary formula gives more accurate results than parabolic.

KEYWORDS:Rope Weight, Span, Tension, sag

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24 Jan 2007
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29 Jan 2008
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denniskirk 10 years ago
Yes all are 2007 or later so I will upgrade any PCs that currently run XLC Toolbar.
Thanks for the prompt response and the great product. We would not have been able to complete these quite complex calculations without it because validation would have been way too hard without the formulas.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
Providing all versions of Excel are Excel 2007 or later I suggest you install the ribbon version on all machines in the office. Uninstalling the toolbar version is easy got to the windows start button>Programs>XLC>uninstall XLC then install the ribbon version.
denniskirk 10 years ago
This is the same manual method I found for myself which is a very inelegant solution?
What do I do to change my current install from Toolbar to Ribbon? This would be a better outcome.