This file will help solve catenary cable problems.
For best performance, choose points on the catenary as far apart as possible. A guess of the tension may help close on a solution.

Calculation Reference
Catenary Cables

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04 Nov 2008
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mpaul_hansen 13 years ago
I downloaded prrogam but in cell B8 for wire code pull down menu it did not give any. I also have some slight load on wire from ice/snow that I would like to add. Does this spreadsheet allow user input of weritht in place of the user pull down for wire? Or is there an option so I can add some additional weight to the wire chosen? I also need to use steel cable of 1/4" to possibly 1/2" diameter and wonder if that is an option I can use. I'll calculate the cable or wire capacity, I would just like to get the tension load from the spreadsheet. THanks.
Bret Brasher