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Finite Element Example - Truss Analysis
Written by Toshimi Taki Prepared on May 5, 2007
A truss problem shown in the figure above is analysed. This problem is from figure A2.22 in Bruhn's text book. Rod element is used and the element properties and material property are assumed as follows.

Cross Section Area: 1 inch^2

Young's Modulus: 10 Msi

Note: This Excel file can be modified to solve any 2D problem using the following elements:

Rod with 2 end points, "ROD"
Traiangular element with 3 grid points, "TRIA3"
Quadrilateral element with 4 grid points, "QUAD4"
Spring elements, "SPRING"

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29 Jan 2008
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Toshimi Taki

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just downloaded it. will comment on it after brushing through it. thank u.