The ExcelCalcs Reposiory is a web library of XLC solved problems. All files are Excel documents incorporating the XLC add-in so that cell formulae can be easily read and verified. If you use a calculation we ask you to rate it to guide other users to the best content on the site. You need to register to download but if you want a sneak preview of the content take a look at our featured content.

We welcome solved problems on any topic. We are delighted to receive any contribution but we make the following suggestions:

1) Consider using the XLC calculation template.

2) Reference relevant text books where ever possible - check that the Amazon search button works and takes your readers to the correct book. Copyright prevents us from any physical copying of text books but the calculation method can be encoded into Excel worksheets. The text book reference adds credibility to your calculation and directs users to the calculation theory. 

3) Display cell formulae using the XLC Add-in.

4) Clearly identify any other Excel Addins that are required. 

5) Include a sketch if possible.

6) Keep worksheets and macros unprotected.

7) Validate your calculation, say how you know it's right.

8) Site administrators will add a link to the forum, any graphics and links to relevant text book references. They will email you when they have finished.

9) Keep your eye on user comments and ratings.

10) Only authors can modify or update their submissions.

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