421_48e36a8e16bbd.jpgClyde Hancock is a Directro of Electro-Mechanical Research living in United States of America. He joined ExcelCalcs on 2007-03-15.

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tn5180_485fb2d85c719.gifDoug Jenkins is a Civil Engineering consultant based in Sydney Australia (Interactive Design Services Pty Ltd). He joined ExcelCalcs on 2008-06-23. His experience spans some thirty years and he has been involved with prestigious projects around the world. Doug has developed some very powerful Excel functions. Doug appears to prefer development of functions rather than calculations on the spreadsheet itself. If you have never written any macros in Excel his calculations serve as excellent examples you can easily follow. Doug also writes an great Excel Blog called www.newtonexcelbach.wordpress.com.


Robert Hunn lives in the United States of America. He joined ExcelCalcs on 2007-10-18.

tn6695_4b01a239bf1e1.jpgI was born on 1977-06-09, I have a B.S in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Manufacturing system engineering, Masters in Management Science and Engineering and working towards my Doctorate in Thermofluids and control systems.
I am a full time employee for an aerospace company here in Washington working as a senior stress engineer and I have been doing structural analysis for more than 10 years. I have developed lot of tools for Aerospace structural analysis using PERL, Python scripting and ofcourse the best of all microsoft excel. I am here at ExcelCalcs to share and learn more about excel and tools developed in excel and I feel all the spreadsheets are great and could be very helpful in doing stress analysis. My main interests are to create spreadsheets to perform strain energy minimization of common structural members such as beams, plates, shells, vessels, frames etc.