WatercolorWiz3 provides a comprehensive set of tools for the watercolor artist. It's primary use is to preview how two pigments will interact with each other when mixed. There's also a database of reflectance curves, a tutorial on color schemes, and a properties database of the most common watercolor paints.

Calculation Reference
Color Science

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29 Jan 2008
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Comments: 2
timmo 14 years ago
Great to see the combined strengths of the right and left sides of the brain - cool stuff thx
MajorMagee 15 years ago
Really interesting spreadsheet. Thanks. You might have really opened the floodgates when you introduced craft based spreadsheets. I'm fully in agreement however.
I'm always a little reluctant to submit my spreadsheets because they are created for my use and usually lack any documentation and the formulas are hidden. I need to rewrite them using your excellent XLC Tools and I will be proud to share them. Gary Van Dyke, P.E.