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We offer the following services:
Excelcalcs can provide calculation hosting services to clients. The client has controls access to the calculations.
ExcelCalcs eMarket

Display Excel formulae in text book style mathematical notation.

Web cop and paste direct to Excel!ExcelCalcs eFormulas aims to replace traditional engineering formula books providing innovative functionality to copy from the webpage and paste directly into MS Excel. This functionality is far more flexible than other web calculation tools as it is easily edited in Excel to suit your own particular problems. It offers a great productivity boost to users. Each eFormulas page includes a preview of the calculation showing relevant sketches and mathematical equations prepared using our XLC software so that the calculation method is fully transparent. We have optimised the eFormulas section of the site so that it is easily viewable from iphones and other mobile devices so you can have access to formulas where ever you might be.

While ExcelCalcs makes every effort to provide accurate information we provide no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data.

Access to ExcelCalcs eFormulas section of our site is free and does not require an ExcelCalcs subscription and gives users a feel for what ExcelCalcs can offer. We are grateful to uses who support us with a paid subscription in return for which you receive a copy of our XLC add-in for Excel, full access to our Repository of solved problems and many other benefits of membership.