Image Invest some time in training and the ExcelCalcs creator, John Doyle, will show you how to get the best out of Excel. He has been using spreadsheets to solve engineering problems for over 25 years (anyone remember ‘VisiCalc’?). John believes that producing calculations using Excel is the best way to fully understand a problem and the optimum way to devise the best solutions. Training is relevant to design engineers, engineering analysts and managers. ExcelCalcs are currently offering their best ever on-site training and subscription deals but you need to register your interest before 31st December 2009 to take advantage.

Choose your training modulesSelect your own course from the ExcelCalcs training modules (each course typically lasts ½ day):   ●XLC and ExcelCalcs   ●Welding and joining materials   ●Static strength and fatigue design   ●Pins and lugs   ●Failure criteria and biaxial stress assessment   ●Bolting and mechanical fasteners   ●Machine Design   ●Material properties and material selection   ●Steel and aluminium design   ●Fatigue of welded structures   ●Fracture mechanics   ●Strain gauge or calculate?   ●Failure Investigations   ●Design for impact loads and dynamic effects…

Or choose from an industry specific training program:    ●Design of Railway Rolling Stock    ●Design of Construction Equipment    ●Design of Theme Park Equipment    ●Design of Oil and Gas Equipment    ●Design of Mechanical Handling Equipment and Cranes

One Day Training and Subscription Packages
5 people 1944USD 1303Euro 1153GBP 2095AUD
10 people 2422USD 1624Euro 1437GBP 2610AUD
20 people 3284USD 2201Euro 1948GBP 3538AUD
30 people 4080USD 2735Euro 2421GBP 4397AUD
Two Day Training and Subscription Packages
5 people 3292USD 2207Euro 1953GBP 3548AUD
10 people 3771USD 2528Euro 2237GBP 4063AUD
20 people 4632USD 3105Euro 2748GBP 4991AUD
30 people 5429USD 3639Euro 3221GBP 5849AUD
Three Day Training and Subscription Packages
5 people 4641USD 3111Euro 2753GBP 5000AUD
10 people 5119USD 3432Euro 3037GBP 5515AUD
20 people 5981USD 4009Euro 3548GBP 6444AUD
30 people 6777USD 4543Euro 4021GBP 7302AUD
Each attendee is given an XLC Pro (12M) subscription.
Travel and accommodation expenses will be additionally charged.
Alternatively the course can be delivered via a live video link.

Motion Along a Defined Path

A new repository upload provides a general solution for a many motion problems and it is very easy to customise. Typical applications include:

  • Calculate velocity and accelerations acting on a rollercoaster.
  • Calculate cornering accelerations of a car moving along a  twisting road.
  • Calculate stopping distances.

Generalised Motion Solver.xls

Use the XLC animator to view the solution.

Two movies have been added to help you use the calculation:

Repository News

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Constant Acceleration Motion Calculations.xls

Alex Tomanavich updates his popular calculation FOOTINGS.xls