This Excel Workbook can be used to calculate the Torsional Stresses in Steel Members 
having one of the following Load and/or End Support Conditions :
1 - Simply Supported Beam Subjected to Multi Points Torsional Moments ======>
2 - Simply Supported Beam Subjected to a Uniform Torsional Moment ========>
3 - Fixed Ended Beam Subjected to Multi Points Torsional Moments ===========>
4 - Fixed Ended Beam Subjected to Uniform Torsional Moment ===============>

The analysis will be carried out in accordance to AISC Design Guide 9.

The user needs to select the steel section (either a Rolled W-Shape or a Built-Up I Section). 
For the Rolled shape, the excel sheet will automatically lists the section properties. While for the Built-Up section, the user have to input the required properties.

The user is then required to input the value(s) of the applied Torsional Moment(s) and their Locations (measured from the left end).
Also, it will be required to input the distance to the point where the user wants to calculate the Torsional Stresses in the Beam (measured also from the left end).

The resulting torsional stresses include: “The Torsional Direct Shear Stress”, “The Warping Shear Stress”, “The Warping Normal Stress” in both the top flange and the web of the member 
and the torsional rotation of the beam, all calculated at the point where the user has chosen.

These stresses can be due to either Service or Ultimate loads. However, the rotation should only be due to Service Loads

In addition to the above results, the maximum of these stresses and the rotation as well as the location of each of these maximums will also be given.

Feedback: The current edition of this excel workbook deals with ONLY cases 3, 4, 6 and 7 of design guide # 9,  since these are the most used cases in practice. Hopefully, in the near future, I will update the workbook to include the remaining cases in the design guide as well as to include more steel shapes for analysis..

I will be grateful for any feedback or commnets from users of this workbook. Thank you.

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23 May 2016
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23 May 2016
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JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 years ago
Great début calculation and a complex method of analysis. I have awarded a six month free XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.