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Repository News

The number of calculations has dramatically increased over the past couple of weeks. In particular we are grateful to ExcelCalcs user infojunkie65 who has uploaded an impressive number of very fine calculations. A number of calculations provide solutions to wind related problems, frame analysis and spreadsheets which produce AutoCAD scripts. Infojunkie65 was one of the first registered members making many forum contributions in the past and I am delighted that he has uploaded some of his calculations.

Although he did not request it infojunkie65 is rewarded with a free annual XLC Pro subscription (normally $90USD). An XLC Pro subscription removes the “XLC Free Educational Use Only” and allows him to use the XLC program commercially. Please support us by purchasing an XLC Pro subscription for yourself.

NEW! from Infojunkies65








NEW! from henrymp 


henrymp has already earned a free XLC Pro subscription from an earlier contribution. On this occasion he has collaborated with Alex Tomanovich to produce a metric version of Alex's reinforced concrete beam calculation. Excellent work henrymp! See henrymp’s other site contributions

NEW! from mpaul_Hanson



mpaul_hanson helps you solve cable sagging problems. 

NEW! from Sumnerdave

Anchor Bolt.xls


sumnerdave has already earned a free XLC Pro subscription from an earlier contribution. sumnerdave has created an ACI 318-05 version of his popular Canadian Standard Code anchor bolt analysis and another reinforced conrete calculation. See sumnerdave’s other site contributions

UPDATED! by Alex Tomanovich

RECTBEAM (318-05).xls

Alex Tomanovich has already earned a free XLC Pro subscription from earlier contributions. The indefatigable Alex meticulously maintains his spreadsheet calculations and here is his latest update. That's part of the reason why he is so revered on the site. See Alex Tomanovich’s other site contributions

NEW! from mlawson

XLC CalcSheet with macros.xlt

mlawson has already earned a free XLC Pro subscription from an earlier contribution. mlawson makes a powerful macro to easily create subscripts and Greek characters. It’s a wonderful extension of the XLC approach and may be incorporated into future versions of the program. mlawson has already earned his free XLC Pro subscription and we are very grateful for this further contribution. See mlawson's other site contributions .

NEW! from Paras 

Star co-ordinate generator standard.xls

Here is a utility from paras to help you work with STAAD.