This spreadsheet calcuates the principal stresses in the trixial state given 6 stress components of 3 normal and 3 shear stress components. A simple assessment is made against four stress criteria dependent upon the yield stress in tension and compression.

Calculation Reference
Prinipal Stress
Stress Analysis
Failure Criteria of Materials

Calculation Preview

15 Jul 2014
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16 Jul 2014
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David Backhouse

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Comments: 3
DaveBackhouse 9 years ago
'Mohr's circle in 3D' is a little misleading as a heading for the graph and it would be better as 'Mohr's circle for a 3D state of stress'. See for a definition of it.
The 3D chart is just the principal stresses drawn at the direction cosine angles but with the maximum value as unity to show relative values in the calculated direction in which they act. Right clicking on the chart should show where the source data comes from.
sonicboomman2008 9 years ago
how did you graph that in 3D?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
Another Masterpiece! I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 6 months by way of thanks.