Force momentum principles applied to pipe flow.xls



Purpose of calculation: Use the force-momentum principle to calculate the forces applied to the fluid by the pipe in the x and y directions, Fx and Fy respectively.
Calculation Validation: Validated against worked example in lecture notes.

Calculation Reference
Fluid Mechanics

Calculation Preview

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13 Jul 2010
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130.50 Kb
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JohnDoyle[Admin] 5 years ago
Many of the files on this site use our XLC addin software to show the underlying equations behind the calculations. The download page always states if the XLC addin is required (as it does in this case). Simple problem to solve just download and install XLC.
Capel 5 years ago
Ty a lot for the excel , but i have a little problem ( see below plz)
Ty a alot for the help!