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Purpose of calculation

An air sampling cyclone is a small chamber designed to force an airflow into a vortex-shaped, swirling pattern. When entrained aerosol particles enter the cyclone chamber, the centripetal force imparted to the particles causes them to be flung in an outwards direction to the cyclone inner surfaces, where they are deposited. The particle collection is governed by the chamber diameter, the air velocity and viscosity, the particle density and its diameter. For this spreadsheet, the particle density is assumed equivalent to that of water. In reference to the enclosed sketch, typical air sampling cyclones could range in size from 2.5 mm up to 150 mm I.D.

Calculation Reference. Design of Stairmand-type sampling cyclones. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J, 51(3), 151-159. 

Calculation Reference
Fluid and Particulate Mechanics
Design of Cyclone Dust Collectors
Ambient Air Quality Standards

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02 Jun 2015
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