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This file contains user-defined functions for many of the thermodynamic and physical properties of water (saturated liquid and saturated/superheated steam). In order to make use of these, the user will need to open the VB modules and copy them into his/her own calculation. One of the modules is a series of functions for converting between metric, English and Imperial units. I hope the front sheet will give users a good idea about how to use the functions.

Calculation Reference
Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids - Rogers and Mayhew

In the context of thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids, water properties refer to the physical and chemical characteristics of water that affect its behavior as a fluid. These properties include:

  1. Density: The mass per unit volume of water, which is affected by temperature and pressure.

  2. Specific heat capacity: The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a unit mass of water by one degree.

  3. Thermal conductivity: The ability of water to conduct heat, which is affected by temperature and pressure.

  4. Viscosity: The resistance of water to flow, which is affected by temperature and pressure.

  5. Surface tension: The cohesive forces between water molecules at the surface of a liquid, which affects the behavior of water in contact with solid surfaces.

  6. Vapor pressure: The pressure exerted by the vapor of water in equilibrium with the liquid, which is affected by temperature and pressure.

  7. Enthalpy: The amount of heat contained in a unit mass of water at a given temperature and pressure.

  8. Entropy: The measure of the degree of randomness or disorder in a system, which affects the thermodynamic behavior of water.

Overall, water properties play a critical role in determining the behavior of water as a fluid, and they are important in various industrial and scientific applications, such as power generation, chemical processing, and environmental science. Understanding and controlling these properties is essential for the efficient and effective use of water as a resource.

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