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When bolts are subjected to combined shear and tension loads, their overall strength is determined by considering the interaction between these two types of loads. The interaction equation, as referenced in BRUHN §D1.8, is used to calculate the allowable load that a bolt can sustain under both shear and tension simultaneously.

The interaction equation takes into account the effect of shear and tension loads on the bolt's strength and ensures that the combined load does not exceed the bolt's capacity. It is based on the principle that the strength of a bolt is limited by its ability to resist both shear and tension without failure.

The specific form of the interaction equation may vary depending on the reference or design code being used. However, in general, the equation expresses the relationship between the shear load (V) and the tension load (T) acting on the bolt, and compares it to the allowable shear load (V_allowable) and allowable tension load (T_allowable) of the bolt.

The interaction equation typically includes a safety factor to account for uncertainties in loading, material properties, and other factors. This safety factor ensures a conservative design that provides a sufficient margin of safety against failure.

By applying the interaction equation, engineers can assess whether the combined shear and tension loads on a bolt are within the allowable limits. If the calculated combined load exceeds the allowable load, design modifications such as increasing the bolt size or using additional bolts may be necessary to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the connection.

It is important to consult the specific reference, such as BRUHN §D1.8, for the precise form of the interaction equation and any additional considerations or limitations associated with its use. Following established design codes and standards, and seeking the expertise of qualified engineers, is essential to ensure accurate and reliable calculations for bolted connections subjected to combined shear and tension loads.

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Calculation Reference
Brhun Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures
Bolt Stress Analysis
Airframe Structures

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