Power Screw.xls



Purpose of calculation
: For an applied load on a screw thread calculate the axial thrust of a nut. Calculate bolt pretension from screw parameters (thread pitch, thread coefficient of friction, head coefficient of friction etc.).

Calculation Reference
Schaum's Outline - Machine Design

Submitted On:
29 Jan 2008
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Comments: 3
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
mstickma that's a useful link for many threadforms. The thread depth variable, t, in the calculation can be set to suit any particular threadform.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
Thanks for creating this spreadsheet. It has saved me the time of recreating it from a similar Mathcad file I was using.
I was wondering if you could elaborate on what the thread depth variable is in the sheet. I took it as 0.600 X P for metric fine threads. I found this at: http://www.colinusher.info/Livesteam/mewdata.html#data
Is this correct?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
There is a very useful tool on the Norbar website called the Torque Tension Calculator. It provides a useful check and useful thread dimensions which can be inserted into the spreadsheet calculation.