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KNOWN: Two statically loaded plates of known strength are fillet-welded together with specified weld geometry and weld strength.

FIND: Determine the static load capacity of the transverse-loaded welds.

Calculation Reference
Fundamentals Of Machine Component Design - Juvinall

To determine the static load capacity of transverse-loaded fillet welds, considering two statically loaded plates with known strength, specified weld geometry, and weld strength, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine the effective length of the fillet weld: The effective length of the fillet weld is the length of the weld that will be subjected to the applied load.

  2. Calculate the effective throat area: Determine the cross-sectional area of the weld throat within the effective length. This area represents the effective shear area of the weld.

  3. Calculate the ultimate shear strength of the weld: The ultimate shear strength (Fu) of the weld is a material property that represents the maximum shear stress the weld can withstand before failure. The ultimate shear strength can be obtained from the weld material specifications.

  4. Calculate the static load capacity: The static load capacity of the weld is determined by the product of the effective throat area and the ultimate shear strength:

    Static Load Capacity = Effective Throat Area * Ultimate Shear Strength

By following these steps and plugging in the appropriate values for the effective length, effective throat area, and ultimate shear strength, you can determine the static load capacity of the transverse-loaded fillet welds. It is important to ensure that the applied load does not exceed the static load capacity to avoid failure in the weld area.

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bpeirson 16 years ago
Resonably good calculation, I have not yet verified it's accuracy. The subscript for lengths AD and BC were incorrect. I reformatted my copy so all the information appears on the computer screen without scrolling. I added a conversion from newtons to pound force. It would be nice to see an option for limit states design calculations as well.