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T Fillet Weld - Formula for calculating the stresses in a fillet weld.
Lap Fillet Weld - Formula for calculating the stresses in lap fillet welds subject to shear.
Cantilever - Fillet welded cantilever subject to bending and shear
Lap Joint Subject To Torsion - Fillet welded lap subject to Torsion and shear
Rectangular Block Subject To Torsion - Rectangular and fillet welded and subject to Torsion T Butt Weld Subject To Torsion - Full Penetration T Butt welded Cantilever subject to Torsion Lap Joint Subject To Bending and Shear - This calculation method is one I came up with. Unfortunately I couldn't find a similar joint in any technical reference to verify it.

Calculation Reference
Welded Joint Design - Hicks
Handbook For Welding Design

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20 Mar 2009
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John Dyson
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cruzcd 13 years ago
Where is the spread sheet calculator? It send me to a website where half the text is cut off?