This is a pretty simple bolt calculation from first principles. For a given bolt size it looks up the characteristics of a bolt from a 'Bolt Lookup Table'. A bolt preload (or clamping load) is estimated from the bolt torque and a joint slip load for the specified coefficient of friction. A fatigue endurance limit is also calculated for axial loads on the bolt. It is not rocket science but I have used it a lot for a quick check on bolted joints. Enjoy!

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29 Jan 2008
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JohnDoyle[Admin] 16 years ago
Yes it a great quick check on a bolted joint. Not sure where all the tightening torques come from they seem a little on the high side to me. Well Done Billy!
BillyNoMates 16 years ago
Bolt calculations can get very involved and complicated so this calculation offers a great quick check on allowable loads on a bolted steel joint.