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Purpose of calculation:
Simply Supported Plate - width (b) greater than 1/3 of length (a). Because plate theory is more involved than beam theory, some 'charts' have been provided to give multipliers/coefficients (k1, k2, k3a & k3b) for use with plates simply supported on all four sides.

Calculation Reference

Calculation Validation

Reproduced result published in manual.
Calculation Procedure

1) Determine Panel Properties

  • Thickness of face material and core
  • Young's modulus of face and core
  • Shear modulus of core
  • Core allowable shear stress
  • Core Cell size
  • Poisson's ratio of face
  • Limiting stress in face
  • Buckling Safety Factor
  • Poisson's ratio term
  • Core shear modulus ratio
  • Distance between face centres
  • Critical intracell buckling stress
  • Critical face wrinkling stress

2) Panel Loading Assessment
  • Dimensions of panel
  • Panel pressure load
  • Panel deflection term
  • Lookup values from graphs (encoded on 'K1' worksheet)
  • Deflection of panel
  • Lookup values from graphs (encoded on 'K2' worksheet)
  • Max face stress
  • Lookup values from graphs (encoded on 'k3a' worksheet)
  • Core shear stress - a direction (W direction)
  • Lookup values from graphs (encoded on 'k3b' worksheet)
  • Core shear stress - b direction (L direction)

  • Epoxy UD CARBON tape (0°) 60% volume fraction
  • Epoxy UD GLASS tape (0°) 55% volume fraction
  • Epoxy WOVEN CARBON (G793-5HS) 55% volume fraction
  • Epoxy WOVEN ARAMID (285K-4HS) 60% volume fraction
  • Epoxy WOVEN GLASS (7781-8HS) 50% volume fraction
  • Phenolic WOVEN GLASS (7781-8HS) 55% volume fraction
  • ALUMINIUM Alloy 2024 T3
  • ALUMINIUM Alloy 5251 H24
  • ALUMINIUM Alloy 6061 T6
  • STEEL carbon 1006
  • STEEL carbon 1017
  • Exterior PLYWOOD Fir
  • Tempered HARDWOOD Teak

  • 3003 Aluminium  29kg/m³
  • 3003 Aluminium  37kg/m³
  • 3003 Aluminium  42kg/m³
  • 3003 Aluminium  54kg/m³
  • 3003 Aluminium  59kg/m³
  • 3003 Aluminium  83kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  37kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  50kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  54kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  72kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  83kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  127kg/m³
  • 5052 Aluminium  130kg/m³
  • 5056 Aluminium  37kg/m³
  • 5056 Aluminium  50kg/m³
  • 5056 Aluminium  50kg/m³
  • 5056 Aluminium  72kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 29kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 32kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 32kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 48kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 48kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 64kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 64kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 80kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 96kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 123kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 144kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 29kg/m³
  • HRH10 Nomex (Aramid) 48kg/m³

Calculation Reference
Composites Design
Composite Materials
Composite structures

Calculation Preview

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19 Feb 2010
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John Doyle

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
As the description says XLC must be installed for this calculation to work. XLC works with all versions of Excel including Excel 2013. I have downloaded this file and it loaded without error when XLC is installed. To check that XLC is installed and working correctly perhaps you could type the following formula into a cell"=OVD(1)/UND(2)" If you get a #NAME error then XLC is not installed.
The error you describe is #VALUE which does not suggest that the problem is with XLC. Follow the link to try to diagnose your problem.
RAMULUS 8 years ago
I have some issues with the mutipliers/coefficients.They appear as #Value at I9 and I19,etc... . I have already installed the XLC ribbon and the XLC toolbar. Do you have any idea of the problem?
Thank you
P.S. I have the 2013 office edition
dreamctr 8 years ago
I'm interested in buying 'Composite Panel Calculations.xlsx'. I wonder if I can put in my own material properties and select the pre-loaded material properties as well.
Let me please know your thoughts.