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Purpose of calculation:
Provides Stiffness Matrices for Composite Laminate (A, B, D and Quasi Equivalent Ex and Ey)

Calculates Stress and Strain in Each Ply
Calculates Failure using Various Criteria (Tsai-Wu, Max-Stress, Max-Strain)
Calculation Reference
Barbero, E J. Introduction to Composite Materials.  1999 Taylor Francis Group.
Calculation Validation
Matched Results of sample problems in Barbero textbook
How to use this tool
1. Pick a material from the scroll bar on the 'Material Selector' toolbar. Material data available for E-Glass/ Epoxy, S-Glass/ Epoxy, E-Glass/ Isophtalic Polyster, Kevlar 49/ Epoxy, Carbon/ Epoxy AS4/3501-6, Carbon/ Epoxy T800/3900-2 and Carbon/ Epoxy IM7/8551-7.
2. Define your laminate on the "laminate def" tab. You need only enter a ply number, thickness and the orientation. There is a 29 ply limit.
3. Enter the known boundary condition on the "Stress Strain and Failure" tab.

Calculation Reference
Barbero, Introduction to Composite Materials
Compsite Materials
Composite lightweight structures

Calculation Preview

17 Oct 2010
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17 Oct 2010
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vaggar99 7 years ago
this chart very valuable for me, thx
salema22 10 years ago
Is there any tutorials abut Stiffness Matrices for Composite Laminate (A, B, D ), because I used Laminate Tool.xls and it doesn't gave me a right results.
Regards, Adel