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This spreadsheet calculates the allowable loading on steel floor plates in accordance with Pounder's Plate Theory for uniform loading and Roark's Formulae for center point loads( concentrated over a small circle of radius r). Encastre and Simply Supported plates are considered.

Calculation Reference
Steel Designers' Manual
All calculations are based on formulae found in Chapter 30, Pages 870-875, Steel Designers' Manual, 5th Edition.

21 Apr 2008
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21 Apr 2008
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davidroofier 2 years ago
Good stuff
Hassan 3 years ago
This is nice
henrymp 15 years ago
henrymp has just updated this file to version 1.2.
henrymp 16 years ago
The Service Load is based on Ultimate Load/Load Factor provided that the Ultimate Load Deflection is less than or equal to the allowable service load deflection. When the Ultimate Load deflection is greater than the Service Load allowable deflection then the Service Load is adjusted to ensure that the allowable deflection is not exceeded.
It often happens that the Service Load Deflection cannot be achieved without overstressing the plate at Ultimate Load.
henrymp 16 years ago
I tried this calc on a column base plate; case 4. Question concerning the terminology. the results gave the ultimate load and associated deflection and the serviceable load based on max allowable deflection. The ultimate load deflection was half the serviceable load deflection yet the serviceable load was 67% of the ultimate. Am I confused?
margon53 16 years ago
very useful in steel structures design