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Laminate Tool.xls
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Purpose of calculation:
Provides Stiffness Matrices for Composite Laminate (A, B, D and Quasi Equivalent Ex and Ey)

Calculates Stress and Strain in Each Ply
Calculates Failure using Various Criteria (Tsai-Wu, Max-Stress, Max-Strain)

Calculation Reference
Barbero, E J. Introduction to Composite Materials.  1999 Taylor Francis Group.

Calculation Validation
Matched Results of sample problems in Barbero textbook

How to use this tool

1. Pick a material from the scroll bar on the 'Material Selector' toolbar. Material data available for E-Glass/ Epoxy, S-Glass/ Epoxy, E-Glass/ Isophtalic Polyster, Kevlar 49/ Epoxy, Carbon/ Epoxy AS4/3501-6, Carbon/ Epoxy T800/3900-2 and Carbon/ Epoxy IM7/8551-7.

2. Define your laminate on the "laminate def" tab. You need only enter a ply number, thickness and the orientation. There is a 29 ply limit.

3. Enter the known boundary condition on the "Stress Strain and Failure" tab.

Calculation Reference
Barbero, Introduction to Composite Materials
Compsite Materials
Composite lightweight structures

Submitted By:
Vishal Aggarwal (vaggar99)
Submitted On:
17 Oct 2010
File Size:
451.00 Kb
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File Author:
John Doyle
Total Votes:9
Comments: 5
Divya Agarwal 5 days ago
How can I download this excel sheet?
genc 2 months ago
How can I download Laminate tool?
johandeboon 4 months ago
How is it possible to download and test this file? kind regard
vaggar99 3 years ago
this chart very valuable for me, thx
salema22 5 years ago
Is there any tutorials abut Stiffness Matrices for Composite Laminate (A, B, D ), because I used Laminate Tool.xls and it doesn't gave me a right results.
Regards, Adel

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