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 Purpose of calculation: The details of a cantilever retaining wall are shown below, is the design of the wall satisfactory?    
Calculation Reference: Craig Soil Mechanics. R.F. Craig    
Calculation Validation: Check against a worked example in the reference above.    
Calculation Parameters    
    Surcharge Pressure
    Thickness of the Stem
    Thickness of the Base
    Length of Backfill
    Height of Wall from the Base
    Width of the Base
    Characteristics of Backfill
    Drained (effective stress) Shear Strength Parameter
    Unit Weight of the backfill
    Drained (effective stress) Shear Strength Parameter
    Characteristics of Concrete
    Unit Weight of Concrete
    Angle of friction between the base and the foundation soil is
    Active earth pressure coefficient
    Horizontal Forces
    Sum of Horizontal Forces
    Vertical Forces
    Sum of Vertical Forces
    Lever arm of base resultant
    FoS against overturning
    Eccentricity of base reaction
    Maximum and minimum base pressures
    FoS against sliding

Calculation Reference
Soil Mechanics
Craig's Soil Mechanics

Calculation Preview

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22 Jul 2010
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