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This is a modification to an Alex Tomanovich spreadsheet (Thanks Alex) for bending in a single-span beam. I added a few additional beam shapes and the option to input user defined moment of inertia and section modulus. I also added an input for allowable stress, calculations for bending stress in the beam, and the stress ratio.
 P.S. As was the case with the original sheet by Alex, the sheet is protected, but there is no password.

Calculation Reference
Beam calculation
Structural analysis

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16 Feb 2009
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Comments: 4
norsam1966@ 2 months ago
is there a Metric version?
Aaron Biedenbach 9 years ago
Has anyone modified the spreadsheet to allow the location of RL and RR to be located at other points along the beam?
NewMechEngr 12 years ago
Sorry, I didn't realize that, but as I mentioned in the original notes, the sheet is protedcted, but there is no password, so simply unlock it and define those blocks as user editable.
bobmo 13 years ago
very easy to use! And Thanks for the dual units! Only negative is the job, date, etc block at the top is locked, so I cant make any note until after I print.