Stress in a plate due to a point load.xls



Purpose of calculation: Calculate plate bending stress when subject to a point load.
Calculation Reference: First principles

Calculation Reference
Peterson's Stress Concentration
Juvinal Design

Calculation Preview

28 Apr 2009
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28 Apr 2009
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John Doyle

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Comments: 3
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
This is just a simple calculation taken from a old British Rail Design Manual. I encoded in to Excel just to show it just to show Bombardier what can be done with XLC (Bombardier are the inheritors of the old British Rail Works). I am afraid I did not think much about the content. Its a pretty basic calculation. Here are some more interesting calculations taken from the British Rail Design Manual:
I am working up an interesting fatigue calculation from the manual too (watch this space). I hope they help to persuade rolling stock companies take out corporate subscriptions.
abbottaerospace 15 years ago
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
I would suggest that the yield line would be different and not located at the support. I would suggest the yield line would wrap around the point load hence you would need to define this length. I would suggest a length of something more like total plate width*2, limited to pie*L. I referance you to yield line behavior for base plates of steel columns. Can send you more info if you please.