"ASCE705I" is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of determining ice loading due to
freezing rain on structural steel members per the ASCE 7-05 Code. Specifically, coefficients and related and
required parameters are determined in order to compute the ice loading on various types of structural steel
Program Assumptions and Limitations:
1. This program specifically follows Chapter 10.0, Ice Loads - Atmospheric Icing, of the ASCE 7-05 Standard, "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures".
2. This program determines the ice loading based on the ASCE 7-05 Code defined circumscribed diameter for the particular shape, and for comparison purposes, it also computes the ice loading based on the actual perimeter of the shape.
3. This program uses the database of member dimensions and section properties from the AISC Version 13.0 "Shapes Database" CD-ROM Version (12/2005), as well as those listed in the AISC 13th Edition Manual of Steel Construction (12/2005).
4. This program contains “comment boxes” which contain a wide variety of information including explanations of input or output items, equations used, data tables, etc. (Note: presence of a “comment box” is denoted by a “red triangle” in the upper right-hand corner of a cell. Merely move the mouse pointer to the desired cell to view the contents of that particular "comment box".)

Calculation Reference
ASCE 7-05 Code Snow Load

24 Jun 2009
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24 Jun 2009
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meejoe 14 years ago
This is a very helpful program and extremely easy to use
jayksteel 15 years ago