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Wind Actions as per AS1170.2 The spreadsheet only deals with the first few sections so the aerodynamic and dynamic factors are input by the user. Also, the Topographic multiplier is only an input.

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29 Jan 2008
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DvdHntr 15 years ago
Thanks InfoJunkie65 I rely on user feedback to improve the site. I have moved the file to the folder you suggested. I am a mechanical engineer and I am very grateful for direction regarding civil engineer calculations.
DvdHntr 15 years ago
Recommend relocate this file to the Strength\Civil Engineering section, along side the ASCE07 and IBC equivalents.
Maybe could start a collaboration to align codes internationally, calculation wise and in practice if not in actual codes.
InfoJunkie65 16 years ago
Good starting point. Wonder how many people not already using excel for such calc's.