Shear Lug Design.xls



Design of shear lugs for column base plates. The design is based on the procedure presented in AISC Steel Design Guide 1, Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design, 2nd Edition and AISC Steel Design Guide 7, Industrial Buildings, Roofs to Anchor Rods, 2nd Edition.

Calculation Reference
Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, ACI 318-08, (ACI 318)
Code Requirements for Nuclear Safety Related Concrete Structures, ACI 349-06, (ACI 349)
Steel Construction Manual, Thirteenth Edition, AISC, (SCM)
Steel Design Guide 1, Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design, Second Edition, AISC, (SDG1)
Steel Design Guide 7, Industrial Buildings, Roofs to Anchor Rods, Second Edition, AISC, (SDG7)

Calculation Preview

02 Feb 2009
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02 Feb 2009
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Jim Thunes

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BrettUW 13 years ago
Great work on this spreadsheet ... very useful for base connections at braced frames and moment frames. Thank you.
jwt 15 years ago
This is not the first time we have investigated this issue. I have concluded that this is not an XLC related problem but a general Excel problem. See this post for the conclusion from our investigation. I don't think that there is much I can do about it.
jwt 15 years ago
Hello and thanks again for posting the spreadsheet. My issue was more directed to the opening of the file. Below is the error message I get and I noticed there are no sketches or pictures that are shown in the preview.
The file downloads fine. This happens after that. Could someone point me in the right direction?
Thank you,
jwt 15 years ago
I can see that you are an XLC Pro subscriber so all you have to do is "Redraw All Worksheet Equations” using the button on the XLC toolbar and all the equations are redrawn without any "XLC Ed non-commercial use only." watermarks or hyperlinks to the ExcelCalcs site. This is described here
I hope that it will encourage more users to support us with an XLC Pro subscription.
jwt 15 years ago
Haven't looked at the math yet, but there is a troubling garble at G79. Can't really tell what it is, because when I hover over it I get the message, "XLC rendered equation. Click to download your copy"
As far as I know, I have XLC, so the message confuses me, as does the "XLC Ed non-commercial use only" watermark that is throughout the spreadsheet.
Boffin 15 years ago
Just checked the download and it works fine for me.
jwt 15 years ago
I am well impressed with your submission – maybe one of the best we have received. It’s very well set out and easy to follow. I know that you already support us with an XLC Pro (12M) subscription but I have extended your expiry date by six months to express our thanks for your debut upload. Will this be the first of many? Thank you Jim.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
Jim this is a fantastic calculation clearly set out and easy to use. Well done and thank you.