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Plates straps and rivets.xls
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KNOWN: Two plates are joined with straps and a single row of rivets (bolts). Plates, straps and rivets are made of ductile steel with known yield strengths.

FIND: a) Calculate the force F that can be transmitted across the joint per pitch P, of joint width, based on the rivet shear strength.

b)Determine minimum values of t, t' and P that will permit the total joint to transmit this same force (thus giving a balanced design)

c)Determine the efficiency of the joint (ratio of joint strength to strength of a continuous plate)

ASSUMPTIONS: 1) The frictional forces between the plates and straps are negligible.


Calculation Reference
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain

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John Doyle (JohnDoyle[Admin])
Submitted On:
29 Jan 2008
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