ACI 318-08 Rec Sec. Mx -Q-Torsion Design



Design of Rectangular Beam Sec. subjected to (Mx ,shear &Torsion) according to ACI 318-08 code.

Calculation Reference
ACI 318-08
Prestressed Concrete
Structural Design

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16 Apr 2014
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16 Apr 2014
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Mohamed Abu Shady

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m_ali_abushady 10 years ago
Moment & Shear Strength Design of Rectangular RC beam/slab According ACI318M-08 Rev06.2
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m_ali_abushady 10 years ago
b1akeh 12 years ago
This spreadsheet is well organized and documented. I only wish there was a unit option for English Units to use it here in the US without having to convert the input. Keep up the good work!
m_ali_abushady 13 years ago

thank you john for your hospitality
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