"PONDING9" is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of analysis for ponding for low slope or flat roof systems in structural steel per the AISC 9th Edition (ASD) Code, pages 5-83 to 5-84 and 5-175 to 5-179. Specifically, simplified checks are performed for the steel members as well as the steel deck. A rigorous analysis, whether actually required or not, is also performed for the steel members.
This program is a workbook consisting of two (2) worksheets, described as follows:

  • Doc - Documentation sheet
  • Ponding - Ponding analysis per AISC 9th Edition (ASD) Manual

All the worksheets are independent and self contained, so that you can move them from one workbook to another. All the worksheets are protected, but not with a password.

Program Assumptions and Limitations:
1.  This program utilizes the equations in AISC Code Sect. K2 to perform a simplified check on the primary and secondary members, as well as the steel roof deck.
2.  This program also performs a rigorous analysis on the primary and secondary members utilizing the equations in AISC Code Commentary Sect. C-K2.
3.  This program contains numerous “comment boxes” which contain a wide variety of information including explanations of input or output items, equations used, data tables, etc.  (Note:  presence of a “comment box” is denoted by a “red triangle” in the upper right-hand corner of a cell.  Merely move the mouse pointer to the desired cell to view the contents of that particular "comment box".)

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10 Jul 2007
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10 Jul 2007
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Alex Tomanovich

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Heinzig 5 years ago
Alex, Very nice analysis. Thanks! Mark