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ACI 350.3-06 Seismic Loads for Liquid-Containing Rectangular RC Tank
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Calculation Preview

Calculation Reference
Earthquake Lateral Forces
Structural Design
Seismic Loads on Tanks

Submitted By:
Mohamed Abu Shady (m_ali_abushady)
Submitted On:
29 Sep 2013
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503.00 Kb
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File Author:
Mohamed Abu Shady
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Comments: 9
Markvincent2015 2 months ago
mirco.morrone 2 months ago
Ciao come posso scaricare l'excel?
m_ali_abushady 2 years ago

Check v1.1
Capel 2 years ago

thanks a lot for the excel.

one question can u give me the pass, the term Ec Doesnt works.

ty again
m_ali_abushady 5 years ago
Hello... Do you have a link for the ACI 350.3-06? I am having a hard time to find a pdf online.
Note: Yes, I mean a download link, I don't have any money to pay for it, I am still a student :)
m_ali_abushady 5 years ago
rev 1.0
Seismic Loads for Liquid‐Containing Rectangular RC Tank, According ACI 350.3‐06 , Appendix B Method Based on 1997 Uniform Building Code_ rev 1.0 [img size=800][/img] [img size=800][/img] [file name=ACI_350.xlsx size=517284][/file]
wallenberg 6 years ago
m_ali_abushady 6 years ago

many thanks John,for this membership and i will share all my new sheets.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 6 years ago
Mohamed you have been so generous in donating your work to the site you have been awarded free lifetime membership.

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